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What is the Kindergarten Program?

In the year prior to your little one heading to prep (children must turn four by June 30), they join us for their Kindy year. The kindergarten program is government funded and lead by Miss Donna our very own Early Childhood Teacher. The Kindergarten Program helps prepare your little one by providing them with curriculum linked to the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and The Early Years Learning Framework.

The curriculum offered to the Kindergarten children at Camelia Avenue is flexible and child initiated but it is also a little bit different to other long day care Kindy Programs. Miss Donna has formulated a beautiful morning routine for the children which encourages them to participate in a group setting. The children then transition into their chant area, where they then as a group, learn their sound waves chant. Sound Waves uses synthetic phonics to explicitly and systematically teach students how sounds (phonemes) are represented by letter/s (graphemes) to form written words. Instruction is intentionally pre-planned so that students’ progress from learning simple, broadly applicable phoneme–grapheme relationships to those that are more complex and unusual.

The kindergarten children are encouraged to be independent and confident learners throughout the day, curiosity is a wonder that we enhance here at Camelia Avenue. The children’s interests are the core of our curriculum and we extend on their ever evolve thirst for knowledge. Numeracy and literacy are key elements of our curriculum as well. The Kindy children also utilise a program called chatting children, these are story books that go home with you each week and it is for you to be able to read to your children but also build on their comprehension by doing the fun activities in the book packs. Singing and counting is a great way for children to start becoming more familiar with letters and numbers.

At the beginning of the year Miss Donna Schedules parent teacher interviews so you can sit down with her and go over everything. In June and November, we use transition statements, these are handy to pass onto the school so then the teachers know where your child/ren is at in their learning areas.

For more information or to book in for our Kindy Information night held in February, please contact the Centre on 07 3355 1279.