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A little bit about Camelia Avenue Childcare Centre. It’ll blow your mind.

Camelia Avenue Childcare Centre is a family owned and operated Centre offering families child care services for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. Our family has been involved in child care for over 20 years and our top priority is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment for your children. We pride ourselves on a stable and long term staffing body that is dedicated to providing an excellent service to our children and parents.

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Our Philosophy See for yourself.

The primary purpose of our role as an educator is to honour the individual child.
Every child is an individual with individual needs, abilities, interests and backgrounds. The primary objective of a childcare centre is to meet the needs of the individual child and provide experiences that will foster their overall development – the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic and social self. We do this through the implementation of the following key points:
Children learn through play and it is our responsibility to enhance their sense of wonder.
It is important to provide children with a wide range of developmental experiences that promote active involvement with material and peers. Children should have freedom of choice and decision making in both their learning and play. As educators we practise active listening and scaffolding of children’s ideas.
Children need to feel safe and secure in our environment – we are influenced greatly by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child.
Children respond positively to a caring, predictable, positive, comfortable and cooperative environment where they can explore, problem solve, create and work at their own pace. This, in turn, will promote their curiosity, their imagination and confidence so that they feel a sense of satisfaction and positive self-image.
Family members are the most important people in a child’s life – they are also essentially their first teacher.
Communication between the educator and the family is essential in maintaining fluidity between the home and the centre. Families are made to feel welcome, comfortable and free to ask questions. They will be encouraged to participate and have input into the curriculum.
The individual child should be respected in every possible way – children are holistic beings.
The uniqueness of each child will be acknowledged. We will respect and value their individual needs and abilities, their home, religious and cultural beliefs, by creating an inclusion and open environment.
Our broader community is unique and diverse and offers valuable perspectives on children, families, child rearing and education.
We encourage our families and community members to be active contributors and participants to our curriculum and our Centre. We not only welcome family and community feedback, but we seek it out so our Centre can continually improve. Our educators are committed to a culture of community involvement, understanding and embracing differing beliefs, and respecting community values and attitudes.
We come to work ready to embrace each day with purpose, passion and professionalism.
Our co-educators are there to guide, mentor and support one another. We are committed to creating a fun loving and happy environment where we are all successful in our own pursuits. The Management team will know each staff member as an individual and guide them to reach their fullest potential.


Online Portfolios at your finger tips. StoryPark.

At our Centre we use StoryPark to document your child’s learning. You can have access to their portfolio at your fingertips by registering with the Centre and be more in touch with their educators, their learning and their day with us! During the day you will get a community post from your child's room this will have picture and a blurb about what they did that day. Once a month you will get a learning cycle on your child, and every 6 months you will receive a summative of assessment which is derived from the EYLF. Visit